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Permits & Planning

Permits and Planning

Permits and Planning

Permits and Planning



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Are you planning some work or development on your property? You may require a permit from Quinte Conservation or other agencies.

Examples of development projects that require a permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Any shoreline alterations or work along a watercourse or wetland including any in-water work
  • Development adjacent to a slope/escarpment or on unstable soils/bedrock
  • New construction/reconstruction of any kind, or placing a building or structure of any kind, or the change of use of a structure
  • Site grading, whether importing fill or removing fill
  • New infrastructure and infrastructure maintenance

You will require a permit if your project is adjacent to hazardous lands. Hazardous lands means land that could be unsafe for development because of naturally occurring processes associated with flooding, erosion, dynamic beaches or unstable soil (leda clay) or bedrock (karst). Wetlands are also considered hazardous lands.

Before you begin any development on your property or near a shoreline, make an appointment with a Quinte Conservation Regulations Officer by calling (613) 968-3434 ext. 129 or email regulations@quinteconservation.ca.

We can provide you with advice on the required permits or approvals and information to help best plan the project and protect our water and wetland resources.  Quinte Conservation can advise you of the relevant regulations and laws, guide you through the process and offer helpful technical advice.

Permits and Regulations

Permit Fee Schedule

Prices are subject to change. For complete details on which application type pertains to your project see the first page of the Permit Application.

Application Type


Property Clearance (site visit not required) $ 165.00
Property Clearance (site visit required) $ 325.00
Floodplain Survey or Wetland Delineation minimum
$ 325.00
Minor Permit (decks, patios, structures less than 108 square feet, etc.) $ 165.00
Standard Permit (structures larger than 108 square feet, additions to existing structures, filling, grading or excavation outside the floodplain or adjacent to a wetland, repairs to existing boat launch or boardwalk, dug or blasted wells, swimming pools,boathouses, directional drilling, new or replacement sewage systems etc.) $ 325.00
Major Permit (shoreline protection works, excavation of wildlife ponds, new or maintenance dredging, new boat slips, new boardwalks, excavation or regrading of slopes adjacent to a hazard, new development within the floodplain or within a wetland, etc.) $ 700.00
New Infrastructure Works which require an Engineering Review $ 1,170.00
Permit Amendment (site visit not required) $ 82.00
Permit Amendment (site visit required) $ 325.00
Application to the Authority Hearing Board $ 1, 550.00
Violations Double the applicable fee


For planning enquiries please email planning@quinteconservation.ca

Planning Fee Schedule

Prices are subject to change.

Application Type


Property Clearance (no site visit required) $ 165.00
Consent to sever $ 325.00
Zoning By-Law Amendment / Minor Variance $ 325.00
Official Plan Amendment $ 595.00
Standard Site Plan Review
$ 3,015.00
Minor Site Plan Review
$ 725.00
Subdivision Review $ 6,730.00
Subdivision Phase Review - Minor $ 1,170.00
Subdivision Phase Review - Complex $ 3,015.00

Engineering Design Guidelines


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