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Water Levels

High Water
Latest Water Levels
You can find the latest water levels by clicking here.


What to do in a Flood
To report flooding call us at (613) 968-3434 or (613) 354-3312.
If your home is surrounded by water, do not drink your water as it may be contaminated and do not use your toilet if your septic bed is covered in water. If you are leaving your home due to flooding notify your municipality and follow the procedures in the Floods - What To Do brochure.

Get Tick Smart

Deer Tick
Tick Info Night: April 24 at 7pm
Join us as Public Health Inspector Aptie Sookoo talks about ticks. Ticks are a reality for people who spend time outdoors as some tick bites might result in Lyme Disease. Find out what you need to know about ticks in our area. Click here for more details.

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