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Hallowe'en Party

Hallowe'en Party
Green Hallowe'en Party: Oct. 28
Join Quinte Conservation for a Green Hallowe’en Party on October 28 from 6:30-8:00 pm. Participants can enjoy pumpkin carving, crafts and a time outdoors to learn about local night wildlife. Dress in costume and be sure to bring clothes suitable for the weather.

Plan Approved

Drinking Water
Source Protection Plan Approved
The Quinte Region Source Protection Plan was approved September 11, 2014 by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. The plan will direct efforts to protect and keep the sources of municipal drinking water clean and plentiful. This will help to protect public health. The plan is available at www.quintesourcewater.ca.

Dam Draw Downs

Skootamatta Dam
Fall Dam Draw Down Starts October 13
Quinte Conservation will be conducting the annual removal of stop logs at dams and weirs in the Moira and Napanee Regions on October 13, 2014. Property owners upstream from these structures can expect water levels to decrease to normal fall levels. Click here for the details.

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