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Salmon River Area Shoreline Planting Grants

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Salmon River Watershed

The Natural Edge: A Free Visit to Your Shoreline

Does your shoreline property have a Natural Edge? A shoreline of trees, shrubs or flowering plants is both beautiful and useful: it becomes a refuge for animals and birds. A buffer of plants protects your shoreline and your piece of the watershed. Landowners with waterfront property anywhere in the Salmon River watershed (see map) may join our shoreline program.  The Salmon River watershed includes all areas of land that drain into the Salmon River, from just south of Mazinaw Lake (north of Cloyne), southeast to Arden, and from there, southwest to Shannonville, where it empties into the Bay of Quinte. The system includes our abundant lakes, wetlands and tributaries.

With your input, we can create a shoreline plan and plant the best species for your property. Natural buffers of shrubs, trees, ground covers, grasses, and aquatic plants provide essential services: they filter water, stabilize stream banks, reduce erosion, and improve wildlife habitat. The Friends of the Salmon River in partnership with Quinte Conservation, the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds, and the Eastern Ontario Stewardship Collaborative are offering landowners free site visits this year.

Following a spring site visit, project staff will deliver to you a customized planting plan indicating recommended areas for planting and a list of suitable native shrub and tree species. If you especially enjoy views of the water, there are low growing species too. Larger cost-sharing programs are also available, such as livestock fencing, large-scale plantings and tax incentive programs. Your goals and wishes drive your property plan, and all advice is optional. You decide what is appropriate for your land.

In return for the free advice and the planting, you sign a stewardship agreement (agreeing to take reasonable care of the plants) and you only pay up to 25% of the costs of your project. The Centre for Sustainable Watersheds will arrange the ordering, delivery and planting of all the species.

Community volunteers supervised by biologists from the Centre will do the planting. Community training workshops will be offered to teach planting techniques and the benefits of healthy shoreline habitat. This project will not only improve our shorelines, but it will also empower community members – young and older - to take positive environmental action.

To book your free site visit or for more information:
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
Phone: (613) 264-1244
Email: l_rudy@ducks.ca




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