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Tips to Keep Your Holiday Season "Green"

Quinte Conservation has seven great tips to make your holiday celebrations easier on the environment this year.

1. If you're cooking and having company over, chances are you can get away with lowering the heat in your house, the body warmth and heat from the oven will help compensate.

2. Use a real tree - then recycle it after Christmas! Though it may feel sad to cut down a tree for the holidays, consider that most Christmas trees are grown exclusively for this purpose so you're not contributing to deforestation, and after it can be shredded and turned into mulch. Plastic trees, in contrast, require petroleum to make, and then can't be recycled easily when you're through with them.

3. Shop locally, you'll find items that haven't traveled thousands of miles. This will reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses. You will also "spare the air" by not driving long distances.

4. Buy gifts that do not require batteries. Every year thousands of batteries are bought during the holidays. Old batteries are an environmental hazard and fill up landfills.

5. Buy a locally produced turkey, local producers offer turkeys that have been grown locally. You can even taste the difference on your plate!

6. Use pine cones, evergreen branch tips, holly berries and other colourful natural pieces to put the finishing touches on your gifts rather than commercial bows and ribbons.

7. Adopt an Acre of Quinte Conservation land for someone special on your gift list. These are great "stocking stuffers" or gifts for teachers and coaches. For just $20.00 you can assist in the preservation of local conservation lands. You can Adopt An Acre online or by calling the office at (613) 968-3434.

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Jennifer May-Anderson
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