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Quinte Conservation prepares Watershed Report Cards as a summary on the state of our forests, surface water, and groundwater resources.  The standards used in these report cards were developed by Conservation Authorities to ensure consistent reportings across the Province of Ontario and are intended to provide watershed residents with information to protect, enhance and improve the precious resources that surround us.

What is a watershed?

A watershed is an area of land over which rain and snowfall drain into a common water body such as a river, creek or lake. Homes, farms, businesses, forests, small towns and cities are all part of a watershed. Watersheds support our lives, and our lives affect our watersheds. The boundaries of a watershed are based on the natural shape of the land. This means that a watershed may contain more than one municipality, and a municipality may contain more than one watershed.

What is a Watershed Report Card?

Watershed Report Cards are designed to present understandable environment information to the general public. A Watershed Report Card outlines the general state of the forest, surface water and groundwater resources. The Quinte Conservation Watershed Report Card provides an overview of water issues and impacts within our watersheds. The indicators we are reporting on were developed for Conservation Authorities across the province. The grades in the report card are meant to indicate the current state of our watershed, but will also be used over time to track changes and provide information for the future.

Why do we need Watershed Report Cards?

Monitoring and grading our watersheds help us better understand problem areas and track progress over time.  We will be able to see what is working well in our watershed and what needs improvement.

Where can I find out more?

Click on the Watershed Checkup logo below to see Watershed Report Cards from across Ontario.  You will also find detailed information about the Watershed Report Card process.

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