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Photo Contest Winners


The Quinte Conservation 70th Anniversary Photo Contest has come to an end.

There were close to 300 entries for the contest. After thoughtful review and discussion, the photos were narrowed down to the top 12 qualifiers, and through a judging process, the winning 6 were determined.

We were so fortunate to have received so many wonderful photos reflecting the natural beauty of our conservation areas.

Although the judging process was quite challenging, the 6 winning photos are a diverse reflection of what visitors may experience at any of our 23 conservation areas.

1st Place: Little Bluff CA
By: Jess Mulholland-Suddard

2nd Place: Depot Lakes CA
By: Adam Correia

3rd Place: O'Hara Mill CA
By: Shireen Beals

5th Place: Little Bluff CA
By: Sara Minaker

4th Place: O'Hara Mill CA
By: Clara Hopkins

6th Place: H.R. Frink Centre CA
By: Wendy Dolny

Honourable Mentions

HR Frink Centre CA
By: Matt Gariepy

HR Frink Centre CA
By: Shaun R. Dykstra

OHara Mill CA
By: Audrey Bonter

Potter's Creek CA
By: Rebecca DeMarsh

Potter's Creek CA
By: Sarah Winn

Potter's Creek CA
By: Nancy Evans

The top 12 qualifying photos will be featured on note cards which will be used as a fundraising initiative for Quinte Conservation.

Proceeds from the note cards will support a new water monitoring and research facility at Quinte Conservation.

Cards can be purchased for $15 a box at the Quinte Conservation office located at 2061 Old Hwy 2 in Belleville or by clicking the link below.

Thank you to our Donors


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