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Listen to our 15 minute Envirochat podcasts, originally broadcast on CJLX 91.3FM in Belleville.  Quinte Conservation's Jennifer May-Anderson speaks with environmental experts.  To listen - click on the title of the podcast.

Bay of Quinte at Massassauga Point

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

Learn about the history and progress of the Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan with Sarah Midlane-Jones.  Find out what caused problems on the bay and how they have been addressed.

Benthic sampling at Quinte Conservation

Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Program at Quinte Conservation

The Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) is an environmental tool designed to use benthic (bottom-dwelling) organisms as indicators of stream health.  Find out more about the bugs living in our creeks and streams from Water Monitoring Coordinator Lynette Lambert.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous and Electronic Waste with Quinte Waste Solutions

Find out how hazardous and electronic waste is handled in the Quinte Region with Dan Orr from Quinte Waste Solutions.  Learn how you can help keep hazardous waste out of our landfills and environment.


Flood Forecasting and Warning Program at Quinte Conservation

The province of Ontario delegates the responsibility for flood warning to the Conservation Authorities of Ontario.  To fulfill this responsibility Quinte Conservation administers Flood Forecasting and Flood Message systems.  Find out more about these important programs with Water Resources Manager, Christine McClure.

Father and child hiking

Introducing Children to Nature

Find out how to get the children in your life excited about the outdoors with Education Coordinator, Maya Navrot.

Water Monitoring at Quinte Conservation

Meet Quinte Conservation's Water Monitoring Coordinator

Meet Lynette Lambert and learn about her work as Water Monitoring Coordinator at Quinte Conservation.


Recycling in the Quinte Region

Get all your questions about recycling answered by Dan Orr of Quinte Waste Solutions.


Benefits of Natural Shorelines

The shoreline, where land, water, and air meet, is a vital link providing plants and wildlife the resources they need for life.  Learn about the benefits of natural shorelines with Education Coordinator, Maya Navrot.


Permits and Regulations at Quinte Conservation

Always check with Quinte Conservation before developing your property or shoreline.  You may need a permit.  We work closely with all involved to make the permit and approval process seamless.  Find out more with Regulations Officer, Catherine Sinclair.


Yellow Fish Road

Yellow Fish Road

The Yellow Fish Road program’s goal is to help Canadians understand that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams.  Find out more from Education Coordinator, Maya Navrot.


Surface Water Monitoring at Quinte Conservation

Quinte Conservation has staff out monitoring water quality conditions on a regular basis.  Find out how the water quality is monitored and why Quinte Conservation is involved with Water Monitoring Coordinator, Lynette Lambert.

Stream of Dreams

Stream of Dreams

Have you ever seen those fish on a fence?  Education Coordinator Maya Navrot takes us behind the scenes of the science to art watershed education program.

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