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Water Safety Statement

This statement is valid until Monday, March 21, 2016

Quinte Conservation’s Water Safety Statement remains in effect until March 21. Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “While we don’t expect any flooding, we want the public to be aware of the safety concerns surrounding spring melt conditions.”

McClure adds, “Over the next week we should experience a typical spring runoff with ponding of water in low lying areas and some nuisance flooding. We expect our river systems can handle the increased flows from the melt at this time.”

Quinte Conservation staff will be monitoring conditions closely. The initial Water Safety Statement was issued on March 7.

Quinte Conservation reminds residents to be extremely cautious about changing ice conditions. Ice conditions should be considered unsafe. Parents and guardians are urged to keep children off the ice. Stream banks will be slippery and treacherous. Dams and other water control structures should be avoided at all times due to strong currents. Hypothermia is a real concern for anyone who falls into the water, even in a ditch or small creek.

Residents should take care to monitor their sump pumps and ensure they are in good condition during this type of weather because of local ponding water.

Quinte Conservation is issuing a Water Safety Statement regarding the changing conditions in the watershed. A Water Safety Statement indicates that high flows, unsafe banks, melting ice or other factors could be dangerous for users such as anglers, boaters, swimmers, children or pets. Flooding is not expected.

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