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September 12, 2015: Living Watersheds Workshop

The Friends of the Salmon River, with help from Quinte Conservation, is hosting a Living Watersheds Workshop, an active learning experience designed for those with a strong commitment to the future of our watersheds in Eastern Ontario. Participants in the workshop will:

  • acquire the tools for building a “Friends of River” group for your watershed
  • learn about the latest research on the watersheds of Eastern Ontario
  • view the excellent mapping provided by Quinte Conservation
  • engage with others of similar interests
  • identify the unique characteristics and needs of your watershed
  • access resources to support you and your group in your activities
  • build an effective network.

The Workshop

Saturday, September 12, 9am – 3pm on the Salmon River in Roblin, Ontario

Roblin Wesleyan Church, 3100 County Road 41 (20 km north of Napanee)

Keynote speaker Cindy Chu will address the concept of the holistic watershed, complete with the headwaters, wetlands, creeks, and land, along with her findings on the effects of climate change on our rivers and watersheds in Eastern Ontario. Cindy is a scientist currently with MNRF and has done extensive fieldwork on the Salmon River.

Friends of the Salmon River will present their Salmon River Habitat Strategy and a template package for developing an effective watershed group.

Emphasis on Small Group Activities to bring participants together and define the unique characteristics and needs of your watershed. Resource people from FSR and Quinte Conservation will be there to help.


More participants are needed for the workshop, particularly from the Moira, Black and Skootamatta watersheds. Anyone interested in attending may contact Susan Moore at 613-379-5958 and susan@moorepartners.ca OR Gray Merriam at 613-335-3589 and gmerriam60@gmail.com. There is no charge for the event and lunch will be provided ONLY if you register in advance. Contact Susan or Gray to register as soon as possible.

For more information:

Susan Moore
(613) 379-5958


Gray Merriam
(613) 335-3589



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