Quinte Conservation Outdoor Program Planning Form

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Program Selection

Please select from the following available programs. You may 2-3 hours of activities for half day programs and 4-5 hours for full day programs. Groups wanting Adventure Team Building only need to choose if they want Outdoor Cooking

1 Hour Field and Skill Activities
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Crafts and Games (check your selections)


1 Hour Hikes (check your selections)

Outdoor Cooking (Full Day and Adventure Team Building only)

Participants are asked to bring their own lunch and may also bring hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting over a campfire. We can provide supplies for cooking bannock.

Would you like your group to cook bannock?

Total Program Time

Please indicate the total program time you have selected. You may select up to 3 hours for a half day and up to 5 hours for a full day.

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