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Supporting this conservation area since 1990Massassauga Point Conservation Area Photos

Below is a selection of photos submitted by individuals.

If you have some photos of Massassauga Point that you'd like displayed, email the files.

Osprey on our nesting platform, July, 2012 (Photos Erica Hayes and Brian Credico)

Mommy and baby chick (EH)

Fishing time (EH)

Landing (BC)

Chicks getting bigger! (EH)


The following photos were taken in May, 2010, by Erica Hayes.

Mommy fox in the quarry.

One of the estimated six fox cubs.

A sleepy fox cub with Mommy

Columbine in the Conservation Area

A short lived, but interesting work of art in the quarry.

Columbine abounds


Photos by Jennifer May-Anderson

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July Sunset at Massassauga Point

Photo by Darren Davis

An osprey pair looked to be getting ready to nest several times since 2009, but never got to having chicks. A tin barrier shield was added at the base of the pole later this year to ensure that no predators would be able to climb the nesting pole. We are optimistic for ongoing years.

And the oldest tree. that we know of, in the conservation area. This little oak, surviving with little nourishment in a harsh environment was core tested and measured at almost 200 years old.

Photos by Brian Credico


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