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Supporting this conservation area since 1990Massassauga Point Conservation Area

This conservation area is located in Prince Edward County, on the Bay of Quinte, across the water from Belleville, Ontario. The Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority (PERCA), under the auspices of Quinte Conservation, is responsible for this conservation area.

Entrance to the Conservation area
At the start of the woodland trails with the Bay in the background

The Friends of Massassauga organization provides volunteer support and fund raising to help support and enhance Massassauga Point Conservation Area.

Description of the Conservation Area
The Quarry
Massassauga Point is basically flat except for a northwest-running limestone ridge which surfaces at an abandoned quarry (located on the eastern side of the point). The Ontario Rock Company Limited extracted limestone from the quarry until 1952. Remains of a concrete and steel reinforced dock may be found at the mouth of the quarry.

Natural Features
In 1971, the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority purchased 24 hectares of land on Massassauga Point, designating it as the Massassauga Point Conservation Area.  Boasting over 1,200 meters of shoreline (with both sandy and cobble beach areas) fronting on the Bay of Quinte, this conservation area offers a scenic stopover for boaters, and an attractive spot for picnicking, swimming and hiking.

The trails are all well marked.
Typical walking trail

Red Army Invasion?
The red cedar, due to its ability to survive under drought conditions and its preference for shallow stony soils, has become the dominant tree species at Massassauga Point. Although red cedar abounds, there are shagbark hickory, red oak and a small grove of mature bur oak which dominates the north-central shore of the point.  Undoubtedly, this stand is evidence of former human activity since it surrounds the site of the former Massassauga Park Hotel.
The restoration of this oak savavanna, and the thinning of the red cedar in one of our projects

Recent testing, by non-harmfull coring, demonstrated that the age of the larger burr and deams oaks to be about 175 years, while the shagbark hickories about 150 years.

Massassauga Point Conservation Area
is located 45 kilometers northwest of
Picton and 11 kilometers southeast of Belleville. Access is via Highway 62, County Road # 28 and Massassauga Road.  See map for more details.

A picnic shelter and vault privies are available, as well as a boat launch in the parking area.

The squirrels love the hickory nuts from the shagbark hickories
Good area to walk your dog among the trees

In the winter, there is excellent cross country skiing on the marked trails.  Or you can also ski along the shoreline when the lake is frozen over.  Go visit the ice hut fishermen?

There are many excellent trails.  Some through the woods and some along the lake shore.

 Click here to download a large scale map of the trails and facilities.


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